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The M3 SPEEDPACK application suite enables easy deployment and management of your mobile devices and
includes several applications to increase productivity and efficiency.

M3 MOBILE's Android product has M3 SPEED PACK™ installed by default.

The optimal business tool for your business environment

  • Staging and Deployment

    Complete initial setup, staging and deployment through M3 StartUp PC

  • Settings

    Quick setting application through M3 StartUp

  • Security

    Complete kiosk mode through M3 AppCenter

  • Utilities

    Convenient application for the business, compatible with all scan engines

Staging and Deployment / M3 StartUp PC

Administrators can read barcodes created through a PC and apply the same settings to a large number of mobile computers

Settings / M3 StartUp

  1. 1.You can conveniently copy the device setting from one device to another.
  2. 2.The administrator can install his application and decide which Android apps will be accessible by the user.
  3. 3.GMS certified products allow full compatibility with 3rd party MDM.
MDM enrollment automatically, The GMS package selectably, Wi-Fi setting Cloning, Automatic application installation

Security, Tools / M3 AppCenter

  1. 1.Only selected programs among various application programs and business programs provided by M3 MOBILE can be used on the start screen.
  2. 2.Using ScanEmul, enables the scanner engine to exhibit the best performance to meet your barcode scanning requirements.
  3. 3.Using Keytool, the administrator can set change the keypad settings to meet his requirements.