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Interconnected logistics warehouse

Concerns about securing visibility, logistics systems that seamlessley connect manufacturing warehouses to end customers, tracking and tracing of products, assets and human resources - all of these issues can be solved by M3 MOBILE's technology and know-how.

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    If you're looking to minimize the adverse effects of inconsistent inventory, damage and loss, M3 MOBILE's real-time data processing technology can help! Data can be immediately transferred to the warehouse management system (WMS), and order details can be adjusted and managed immediately upon receipt.
    Shipments can be identified in real time using barcodes and RFID. You can improve work efficiency by using wearable and ergonomic products. With network connectivity and location solutions, knowing the exact location of products can speed inventory processing. Wireless technology enables seamless and continuous voice and data communication with all warehouses, warehouse items and employees.

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    Inventory and material management

    Inventory management efficiency improves when robust and stable products are introduced into business. You can pinpoint the location and current state of all your assets and do more with less manpower. With products that have passed the reliability test of M3 MOBILE, you can improve profitability by identifying accurate and fast inventory counts, inventory locations, and order fulfilment dates.

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    Pick-up and delivery

    M3 MOBILE's products enable you to provide quick pick-up service. Work efficiency is improved and workers can respond accurately while handling multiple tasks. A voice-assisted solution allows you to command by voice and respond to pick-ups with both hands free. This enables accurate and quick navigation of the location of goods, and improves efficiency and profitability by placing only the necessary mechanical vehicles and necessary personnel in the right place during the product shipment process.

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    Low temperature logistics management

    If you're working in a low-temperature storage environment (e.g. frozen food warehouse) then you need a product that can operate stably and reliably at low-temperatures. M3 MOBILE supplies products specialized for low temperatures. Users are provided with touch LCD heating technology using an artificial intelligence algorithm, anti-frost function of barcode reader, low-temperature battery, and touch function available when wearing gloves. Users can experience improved work productivity in extreme environments.

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