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NO 2 DATE 7/1/2013 HIT 4335
TITLE M3 MOBILE awarded major export prize by Kotra.

Kotra (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) established global export award named 'Jang Bo-Go Award'.

M3 MOBILE, industrial PDA manufacturer, won the biggest prize in the 'Jang Bo-Go Award'.

Kotra established 'Jang Bo-Go Award' to promote middle sized companies and to discover successive business models in overseas on 20th June, 2013.
'Jang Bo-Go Award' is named after 'Jang Bo-Go' who reached Arabia about 1,200 years ago in United Silla period.

M3 MOBILE obtained many points by providing successive business model based on core technologies and 'know-how' accumulated over past 10 years.

(REFERENCE: Financial News,Link Kotra Link)

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