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NO 48 DATE October 2014 HIT 2046
TITLE Volume No. 48







October 2014. Volume No. 48






M3 BLACK awarded a contract from Energa, the Polish Electricity Board!





Energa, the Polish Electricity Board is a leading Polish group that has 2.9 million customers across the nation. It has made a final selection of M3 Black, the newest M3 product, as the next generation workforce mobile computer. The company expects to introduce the first batch, which consists of 250 units in October 2014.

Energa says the main reasons behind its selection of M3 Black were because it had the best download speeds and battery life among its competitors. Also, its compact and modern design still supports the strong industrial specifications (P67/2.0M DROP).

In 2013 Energa had introduced 350 M3 OX10, which are still currently being used. Energa is very satisfied with the reliability of M3’s devices.




Release of M3 BLACK with a Wireless LAN Dual Antenna!


The exclusive M3 BLACK version for wireless LAN will be released soon. This products’ dual antenna improves the overall performance of the wireless LAN including sensitivity, distance and roaming speeds. This should help to improve on-site work efficiency and stability. This model is exclusively designed to meet the needs of the retail and warehouse management sector, which we expect high demand from. The exclusive M3 Black version for wireless LAN is only for products that are without the 3G option. This exclusive product will be launched in October.



Soon-to-be launched M3 UL10―exclusive product for warehouse use



The key points in selecting a handheld mobile computer that can be used in a tough warehouse environment are strength and durability. The M3 UL10 is manufactured to meet the needs of customers with its outstanding performance and durability. We currently receive many inquiries about this product.

This product has the strength of the ULTRA model and the outstanding readability of the Blan View LCD. It is designed to help handle the installation work for CPU, RAM, and ROM very quickly. Users can use the keypad with ease as it has larger buttons that are designed for the user’s convenience. M3 UL10 which is exclusively designed for warehouse management, is expected to be very popular.




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