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NO 44 DATE 2013.11.29 HIT 2157
TITLE Volume No. 44
November 29, 2013. Volume No. 44

Latest Reference

DPD successfully implemented the use of over 10,000 M3 OX10+.

DPD, one of the leading international parcel service providers has successfully installed over 10,000 M3 OX10+ into fields, for purpose of using in 4,500 parcel shop network across Germany.

This is another major success after M3 and its French partner, Athesi had achieved successful deployment over 9,000 units of M3 Sky to French Post for purposes of using in 6,000 parcel shop network across France since 2011. “I think it could come again successful based on customers’ firm trust through experience of M3 Sky for last 4 years,” said Rocco Spano, Managing Director at Athesi. “What makes M3 OX10+ stand out is that it’s reliable in quality, well designed, and cost-effective”, he also added.

New Product

Powerful Distance with Innovative Design, UHF Gun Reader

M3 is set to launch UHF Gun Reader exclusively for M3 OX10 series. Estimated release date is 1st of January, 2014. Samples will be arranged for M3 authorized partners under agreement condition and official price is to be updated in December, 2013.

The great advantage of using external antenna is that overcoming limits of internal antenna by maximizing its efficiency and reading distance can reach as far as 5 meters (depending on tag type and environment).

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M3 Standard Option Minimization

The standard option minimization policy, effective from October, will be applied to RFID models only as a trial operation. From January 2014, it will be applied to whole products after adjusting the standard options to satisfy our customers.

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M3 GREEN to M3 OX10+ CE

M3 Green is set to be officially discontinued at the date of 31st of Dec, 2013. Last orders are able to be collected by the end of December 2013. Please contact regional account manager for the orders and details.

M3 OX10+ Windows Embedded CE 6.0 as a replace model is now available to order. M3 OX10+ CE has significantly better specification compared to M3 GREEN. Below is summary of M3 OX10+ CE specification.

CPU Cortex-A8 833MHz Marvell PXA-270 520MHz
OS Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Windows CE 5.0
Memory 256 MB (RAM) / 512 MB (ROM) 128 MB (RAM) / 256 MB(ROM)
Data Communication 3.8G (HSPA+) 2G (GSM)
Voice Communication Not supported Supported
WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n IEEE 802.11 b/g
Scanner 1D (Motorola SE-955) / 2D (Honeywell 5300 series) 1D only
Camera 3.2 MP, Auto Focus 2.0 MP
RFID HF (13.56 MHz), UHF (868~956 MHz) N/A
GPS Assisted GPS GPS

※ NOTE: In order to replace M3 GREEN with M3 OX10+ CE, one of the most important factors is compatibility of the work application.

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