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NO 21 DATE May. 26. 2011 HIT 3464
TITLE Volume No. 21

May. 26. 2011. Volume No.21


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M3 Product***


Launching M3 SKY+

M3 SKY+ is finally going to be launched at the end of this month.

The big differences between M3 SKY+ and SKY are OS and its case color.

Firstly, OS is upgraded from Windows Mobile 6.1 to 6.5. You can meet M3 SKY+ with new visual enhancements. Although M3 SKY+ appears almost identical to M3 SKY, upgrading to WM6.5 in M3 SKY is not recommended.

Secondly, the black case of M3 SKY+ gives more refined and sharp look.

Please download for more detailed specifications by clicking left picture.

If you are interested in our new M3 SKY+ product, please contact to your account manager.



Additional LF RFID option in M3 SKY

In the past, M3 was only able to provide HF RFID when RFID option was requested.

However, as demand for LF RFID is increasing, M3 has been developing LF RFID for M3 SKY (MC-7100S, MC-7500S only) and is in the final phase of development. LF RFID sample may be available on your request through account manager.

Since it has shorter read range, less than 0.5m, and is less affected by its surrounding materials compare to HF RFID so that we expect that more accurate RFID data reading is possible. It is widely used for access control, animal identification (tracking), healthcare applications, product authentication, various point-of-sale and so on.

One of the strongest point of M3 Mobile is a differentiation strategy for customer demands. By adding this option, M3 provides more expanded range of choice to users.



M3 product Roadmap

M3 sets the product roadmap. Please refer to below table for M3 Product.


Furthermore, since android OS is widely more and more used and demand from our client is expected, we define this as a necessity to develop products with Android OS.

M3 Mobile plans to develop products based on Android and after around two years of development period, in 2013, we are going to launch the new product line.




FAQ Ver.3.0 Release

M3_FAQ Ver.2.0 was released last February and we appreciate all your positive responses. As almost 4 months has been passed sin the late release, M3 Mobile is going to release its third version at this end of the month (May) since questions that M3 product users ask frequently have been stacked. We select important and helpful issues that are considered to be good to share with our partners and customers.

Your issues and enquiries that are registered on M3 Support webpage are great source for FAQ. That is one meaningful interaction between M3 and our clients. Please take an interest in M3 product constantly as you always do.





AGManager is a GPS test program for Sirf III.

To test GPS, download below linked AGManager file and unzip it.

AGManager : Download


To install this program, please follow below steps.


1. Move to Start\Settings\System\Screen to align screen first.

2. Check at ‘Landscape (right-handed)’ and click ‘Align Screen’ button.


After aligning screen, it will turn to below picture.

3. Launch AGManager program and select COM2 then click OPEN button.

It will start gathering GPS data.


If you get the fixed satellites more than 4, you can get the position by latitude and longitude.



M3 Building 735-45 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea 135-923
Tel. +82 2 574 0037  Fax . +82 2 558 1253


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