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NO 14 DATE October 20, 2011 HIT 3524
TITLE Volume No. 14

M3 Mobile Newsletter

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 

Issue No. 014-EN


l  M3 Products


Added NITZ (Network Identity and Time Zone)


NITZ (Network Identity and Time Zone) is a service that provides the date, time and information of service provider for the device using telecommunications network based on GSM. Applying NITZ to a handheld terminal will automatically set up the time and date information rather than manual settings. Hence, this solution will eliminate the inconvenience of setting up date and time information every time it resets.

To set up NITZ feature, follow ‘Start à Settings à Connections à Modem Setting’ steps to enable the NITZ and then reboot the device.

M3 MOBILE has updated an OS including NITZ function on 9th November for MM3 (MC-8000S) and is planning to add it to the SKY series.


Added Camera Auto AF


Camera Auto AF (Auto Focus) is a feature that automatically re-focuses when the target image is changed. Such feature is normally used in devices whose main purpose is taking picture or video such as digital camera.

AAF will automatically detect the change in the preview image and performs auto focus so that the user can take a picture easily and quickly.

M3 MOBILE adds this new function to provide the more upgraded device and convenience to customers.

If you enable the Auto AF function of camera program provided from Flash Disk, you can see the gray box at the centre of preview image and an “Auto Focusing…” sign on the lower part, and when AF function is done, the gray square will turn to green.

This function will be added with release of Flash Disk update during December for M3 GREEN, M3 T and M3 SKY.


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Added Real Time Setting


The device not using telecommunication network such as GSM or CDMA needs separate set up of the date and time.

Moreover, when date and time information reset, caused by RTC (Real Time Coin) battery or back-up battery depletion, user needs to set all up again.

M3 MOBILE has developed the program which enables automatic set up of the date and time information using WLAN and GPS to improve our services to our client. This function will be added to StartUp in Flash Disk during new Flash Disk release which is estimated to be released during December 2010. This will use the GMT that had been set previously to calculate and restore the date and time information..


M3 T Volume Key Modification


M3 MOBILE has separated the ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ volume keys to improve press feelings and decrease miss press of those buttons. This change will be applied in December.




l  FAQ


1. Microsoft .NET Compact Framework Version information


The .NET Compact Framework (NETCF) version may vary depending on the OS version.

In M3 RED (WinCE 4.2 base), NETCF V1 is pre installed.
In M3 GREEN, T, POS (WinCE 5.0 base), NETCF V2.0 is pre installed.
In M3 SKY and MM3 (WM 6.1 base), NETCF V2.0 is preinstalled and for M3 SKY WM 5.0 base devices, NETCF V1.1 is pre installed.
Pre installed NETCF cannot be removed.

However, it can be upgraded to later versions by installing a CAB file which can be downloaded from MS home page.
In M3 SKY and MM3, NETCF V3.5 can be installed by M3.ini. See 
StartUp guide for more information.

The NETCF version can be viewed from\My Device\Windows\cgacutil.exe.



2. Automatic Disconnection of Remote Desktop Connection


If you are using the RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) on your PDA, you may experience automatic disconnection of the RDC with the following error message on the screen.

This error message appears because the terminal has been in the idle state for longer than the time limit set by the server administrator or by network policies as indicated in the message. The time limit is usually set to 10 minutes.

Since the time limit is set by the network system, it will not be solved by any configuration on the PDA.

To prevent this automatic disconnection,

1. You will need to set the time limit longer than 10 minutes on the network system (consult your network administrator) or

2. Periodically send a packet to the server on you application to avoid going in to the idle state for longer than 10 minute. The packet sending period should be less than 10 minute obviously.

Please alter either the 1) network system time limit or 2) your application on your preference.


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