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NO 13 DATE October. 13. 2010 HIT 3104
TITLE Volume No. 13


M3 Mobile Newsletter

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 

Issue No. 013-EN



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l  Technical Issue: Troubleshooting


M3 Green & M3 Sky : Vehicle Cradle Modification


M3 vehicle cradle for M3 GREEN and SKY has been modified to enhance its performance and to provide long lasting product.



M3 Mobile’s QA process noticed that with a little modification to the vehicle cradle can improve its performance and make it lasts longer.

Design Review

When a terminal is inserted to the vehicle cradle, there is small gap between the terminal and the cradle which can cause up-down and side movement of the terminal.

By minimizing or eliminating the terminal motion inside the cradle will improve its performance and durability. Moreover, improvement of the POGO pin connector in the cradle will provide more reliable data communication while in use.



Modification to the Cradle

1. Cradle Hook modification – Up-down motion

To minimize the up and down motion, 0.2mm thin skin layer is attached to the cradle hook.

2. Pocket Rib modification – Side motion

To minimize the side motion, side pocket rib is added.


3. POGO pin modification – Reliable data communication

To provide more reliable data communication through the vehicle cradle, the durability of POGO pins are enforced by applying BeCu 70G connector to all pins.



Test Environment

1.     Temperature and humidity test: Vibrate tester

2.     Vibration Setting:

l  Test axis: z axis

l  Test done 4 times. Each test ran for 60 min (1 hr).

l  Vibrate parameter: 3.0G, Frequency: 30 Hz

3.     PDA status – Power On



Test Method

1.     Setup the tester as given above then place the test dummy (PDA inserted in the cradle) on the vibrator.

2.     Check the condition of the dummy according to the test history when the testing is completed.


Test Specification

1.     POGO pin abrasion

2.     Power On/Off and charging

3.     Continuous data communication

4.     Damage on PCB components


Test Result

Passed all 4 test specification when the test is ran for the aimed duration (60 min x 4). Moreover, the same test on the same dummy is performed for additional 72 hours. It still satisfied the required test specification.




l  Technical Issue: FAQ

M3 FAQ list is uploaded in the M3 Technical Support website:


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