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NO 6 DATE July. 28. 2010 HIT 3160
TITLE Volume No. 6

M3 Mobile Newsletter

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 

Issue No. 005-EN



l  M3 News


Launching three exclusive windows for each M3 partner support from September 1st

▲ Introduce a support system of Account Manager - Technical Support Manager - and Hot Line Manager

The CEO of M3 Mobile, Mr. Sung-Jae Cho, stated that three exclusive windows for supporting M3 partners will be launched from September 1st.

This system will provide M3 mobile with the effective support for partners. In addition, M3 partners are expecting some positive effects such as enhancing business competencies through the efficient support by M3. This three exclusive windows system is composed of an account manager, a technical support manager, and a hot line manager. From September 1st, 'Account Manager' will replace sales regional manager as an official title. 'Technical Support Manager' will be an official title and determined assigned partner company. ‘Hot Line Manager’ can rapidly communicate with Mr. Cho in the urgent and important matters. M3 Mobile can realize effective intercommunication and win-win partnership through this three exclusive windows system and make 2010 as the take-off stage. On September 1st, the three exclusive members will be noticed each partnership company after the assigned officers of account, technical support and hot line managers are determined.




l  M3 Products


M3 OX10 (M3 Sky+)

M3 OX10

Front Scan Key

 1. M3 Sky vs. M3 OX10


M3 Sky

M3 OX10





PXA270 624MHz

PXA320 806MHz


Windows Mobile 5.0/6.1

Windows Mobile 6.5





ROM 256MB / 512MB


Li-Ion 3.7V 2,200mA/h

Li-Ion 3.7V 3,300mA/h

Smart Battery

*Charging Holster : Li-poly 4,500mA/h








IEEE 802.11 b/g

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g


2.0M Pixels AF

3.0M Pixels AF


 2. M3 OX10 Cradle

M3 OX10 Cradle + M3 OX10 Body

Charging a battery only


Charging a body only


Charging both a battery and a body


M3 OX10 Cradle + M3 Sky Body (M3 Sky can be charged in the M3 OX10 Cradle)

Charging a battery only


Charging a body only

(a body with a high capacity battery can be also charged)


Charging both a battery and a body


* M3 Sky Cradle

-M3 Sky with a standard battery can be charged in the Sky Cradle. (Not with a high capacity battery)

-M3 Sky standard battery is charged in the charging battery slot (Not with a high capacity battery alone)



3. M3 OX10 List Price

US$1,990.00 / 1UNIT (on the basis of Full Spec: HSDPA, WIFI, SCANNER, CAMERA, BLUETOOTH and GPS)

*In case of integrating 2D Scanner instead of 1D, the list price is $2,140.00/unit.


 MM3 “NEW Long Range Scanner” Test Results

New long range scanner shows better performance compared with M long range scanner in view of the results so far tested in the same conditions.


Test Item

MM3 integrated M’s Long Range Scanner

MM3 integrated NEW Long Range Imager


6 ~ 200 mils

2.8 ~ 200 mils

M does not support high density barcode scan over 6mils

èNew long range scanner results are superior to M

Short Distance

50~150 cm

50~190 cm

Code128 barcode tested

èNew long range scanner results are superior to M

Long Distance

40 ~ 150 mils

Reading up to 5M

20 ~ 150 mils

Reading up to 7M

Code39 / Code128 barcode tested

èNew long range scanner results are superior to M in both high density and long distance test

Barcode Type

1D Lager

2D Imager

èNew long range scanner supports 1D and 2D barcode

Type of the Barcode Material

Reading 13 among 15 barcode samples

Reading all 15 among 15 barcode samples

Coloured paper, Acetate, Cardboard, Fabric, Sticker, Vinyl tested

èNew long range scanner reading results are superior to M


30 ~ 3,000 lux

0 ~ 15,000 lux

Code128 barcode tested

èIn case of working in the darkroom or lighting over 10,000 lux, New long range scanner results are superior to M



l  Technical Issue: Troubleshooting


Function Key event detection

Symptoms: If side function key is pressed, the program wants to detect the event and use the key as a shortcut.

Guide on how to launch applications using side function key.

1. Start è Program è Utility è Buttons

2. Can use Function 1 to Function 3.

3. Click Function 1 è Find è Select application executable file.

※Note: These settings will be removed if hard-reset the device.

To store those setting, we recommend MS-Backup.


Disable call-key and call-end-key

Symptoms: How to disable call/End key

Disable launching phone application through call-key can be done by editing registry settings.

Set the value of TodayPhoneKey to 0 in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE] - [ControlPanel] - [keypad]




l  Technical Issue: FAQ

M3 FAQ list is uploaded in the M3 Technical Support website:


General Backup Battery Information

1.    Backup battery maintain time
Up to 50 hrs (7100 summit) / up to 2hrs (green)

2.    Charging
Charged through main battery. Takes approximately 20 min after inserting main battery to the device.

3.    Backup Battery Level Check
WM(not available), CE(available)

4.    SKY old model and SKY Summit comparison


M3 Sky(Old model)

No backup batt,

RTC coin batt.

M3 Sky Summit

(Backup battery)


Booting method from power off state

Power button

(short time) 


Reset (short time)

Same as left

Perform hard reset if can’t boot

(Not necessary to detach main batt.)

Previous issue on M3 Sky Summit: when the device does not start up, need to wait till backup batt. is fully discharged (approx. 2 days)

Soft reset

Reset (short time) or

S/W control

Same as left


Power off using the power button (long time)

Only includes RTC (V1.2)

RTC, GPS satellite info is stored

Red power LED blinks

Detaching main battery from power on state

Only RTC is alive

Auto sleep mode, force shut down phone

Red / Green: Auto sleep mode, force shut down phone

Switching main battery

Phone turns off

Phone turns off

Red/ Green: Phone turns off

Hard reset (long reset)

RTC reset

RTC reset

Reset by pressing for longer than 5 sec. (red power LED blinks)



RTC Reset Causes and Prevention – M3 SKY models with RTC coin battery

RTC coin battery is integrated in a few models of M3 SKY. The coin battery is used to keep the device alive while changing the main battery. By ‘alive’, we mean the device does not lose any information stored in the device including the time information. However, the device will go to sleep mode.

A fully charged RTC coin will keep the device alive for around 5 minutes. If the main battery is detached for longer than 5 minutes, the time information is lost.

Another scenario that the time information is lost is that when the PDA is completely powered off (turning off the device by pressing the power button for 10 seconds) for longer than 5 minutes. This is because when the device is completely powered off, the RTC coin battery is working to keep the time information and after 5 minutes, it is fully discharged and all the unsaved information is lost.

To prevent RTC reset, DO NOT power off the device by pressing the power button for 10 seconds (except in the case of special event such as upgrading OS or clean boot) or detach the main battery from the device, and leave the device for a long time. Current in the RTC coin battery is flowing when the device is completely powered off and it may result in RTC information loss. If you must detach the main battery for whatever reason, please place the device on the cradle.

To charge the coin battery, the main battery must be attached to the device AND the device is switched on. If the PDA is not switched on, the coin battery is not charging even if the main battery is attached. When a fully charged main battery is attached to the device, it will take approximately 20 minutes to charge the coin battery.



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