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NO 4 DATE July. 14. 2010 HIT 3828
TITLE Volume No. 4

M3 Mobile Newsletter

Wednesday,July 14, 2010 

Issue No. 004-KR



l  IT News


Android beats the I-phone in the North America smart phone market

Android smart phones have been sold 3.6 million in the North America on the first quarter of the year. It makes a new record to beat Apple I-phone. According to, Android phones have been sold 3.6 million more than 3 million of I-phone. In the first quarter of 2009, I-phone was sold 1.2 million items more than Android; however, it rolls back the tide of war just one year-after. It can be explained that open-oriented Android phone is to be an antagonist as closed-oriented. Google as a main body of Android syndrome tries to develop much more smart phone applications with regard to encourage this change. In fact, Android applications are about 71,000 while Apple applications are 231,000. In order to overcome this inferiority, Google serves free applications that are 70% of whole applications. Furthermore, the shortage of goods in stock of I-phone is to be a good opportunity for Android. Kaufman Brothers points out that the stock of I-phone has been a decrease and they expect the selling expense of the current term. They expect that I-phone will be in demand 7.5 million. Apple will announce the performance of the second quarter of the year on 19th or 20th of July. Smart phone market concentrates on the Android expansion through short of I-phone provision.

Excerpt from Korean Electronic Times Newspaper



Verizon looks away I-phone 4

Verizon Wireless is still indifferent to Apple. According to Apple insider and PC world, Verizon taunts Apple I-phone 4 with antenna defect through new Motorola Droid X commercial messages. Verizon ran an ad in the New York Times and etc. for Droid X. This ad was too suggestive because it adopted the graphic of Steve Jobs at the I-phone showcase in the Mac World. The ad indicated the dual LED flash 8 mega pixel camera, 3g mobile hot spot, and five WiFi functions with specific arrows. Especially, they emphasized the double antenna that can realize lucid telephone communication no matter what any grip. It made cynical remark for 'death grip' of I-phone. Verizon had posted negative ads for Apple I-phone. This company released a TV ad about 'iDon't' similar to Apple's ad font. That means Droid has cutting-edge technology that Apple cannot approach it.

Excerpt from Korean Electronic Times Newspaper




l  M3 Case Study


Exterminate mosquitos through M3 Green based on the GPS and GIS technologies

Many high technologies are used to exterminate summer vermin. In June 28th, Exterminator of Guro-gu office worked after defining disinfection materials through M3 Mobiles M3 Green PDA. The public health center of Guro-gu in Seoul Korea adopts an electrical transmission system through M3 Green based on the GPS and GIS (geographical information system) technologies.

After the public health center of Guro-gu uses the M3 Green, the center assigns the area for quarantine activities to a health official through M3 Green and the health official takes preventive measures against mosquitoes on the area and reports it to the center in real time. In case of taking preventive measures by car, the center is able to know the area by sharing the car positioning information in real time through GPS function of M3 Green.




l  M3 Products Update


1. Developed an improved Hand Strap

1) Applied to M3 Red, M3 Green, M3 Sky and M3 T

2) Use an elastic leather band at the top of the Clip as below pictures

            - Attach and detach easily due to the Clip

            - Prevent a burst and looks high-quality due to the leather material

            - Hold the terminal in hand with ease



2. Developed Web Active-X to operate 2D Imager in the Web environment.

1) Applied to M3 Green MC6400S and M3 Sky MC7700S

2) 2D Imager ActiveX Test Web Page of M3 Sky MC7700S


- Read : Beam from a scanner

- SetSideKey : Set up the scan function by pressing the Scan button of the terminal

- Close : Close 2D Imager

<ActiveX related explanation>

-The 2D Imager program operates on the terminal only

-The scanner operates without performing other scanner applications in the webpage

-Realize 2D Imager in the webpage through Active-X DLL

-Support JavaScript html page and JSP page



l  Technical Issue: Troubleshooting


1.    M3 Battery Serial Number System

Battery serial numbering system was changed for batteries produced after 11st Dec 2009 for internal management reason. However, it has been rolled back to the original system since Feb 2010.

Original Battery Numbering System

n  Batteries were recorded according to the manufacture date. Ex) 0906 means it was manufactured in June 2009.

n  Problem If batteries are stored in warehouse for a reasonably long time, the numbering system may lead the customers to misunderstanding. They might think the batterys guaranteed life (normally 6 months) time has been expired and induces unnecessary management.

Modified Battery Numbering System (temporarily use from 11st Dec 2009 to Jan 2010)

n  Use alphabet instead of numbers. Ex) AIL for batteries manufactured in Dec 2009.

n  Using alphabetical serial number eliminates the problem of the original system.

Effective since 11st Dec 2009.

Current Battery Numbering System

n  Current battery numbering system has been rolled back to the original system since Feb 2010 due to alteration in national KC certification.

n  Battery serial numbers are recorded according to the manufacture date.


2.     How to distinguish M3 Green (MC-6500S) Main-board by a Scanner colour difference

It is possible to distinguish MC-6500S main-board by a difference of scanner decoder IC marking colour, and useful for customers who use many kinds of scanners when replace the main-boards.




 SYMBOL (Yellow)


3.    In case of losing a password in Summit Client Utility (Summit WLAN control program)

Please reset a hard drive and initialize it. The default password is SUMMIT



l  Technical Issue: FAQ

M3 FAQ list is uploaded in the M3 Technical Support website:


1.    Overcharging Protection

Back-up battery: Integrated PCM circuit / Cut Off at 2.8V
Main battery: Integrated PCM circuit / Cut Off at 2.8V

When 20% of full capacity is left:
Displays a message, ‘Not enough battery’, at the task bar.

When 10% of full capacity is left:
The caution message pops up and goes to sleep mode. From this moment, the device consumes the 10% of charge to keep it alive. If all 10% is consumed, it uses the back-up battery and if it is all consumed as well, the device is powered off and all data except in flash disk is lost.



2.    M3 SKY Battery Calibration


To reduce battery errors in M3 SKY by performing battery calibration before the devices are dispatched from the factory. Calibration is performed by adding or subtracting the offset value, which is the voltage difference between the reference voltage and the battery voltage, to the battery voltage.


The measured voltage difference will drop down to less than 0.01V when the offset values are applied to each device. Calibration will result in the uniform voltage of batteries.


             Dummy Battery Pack  : Outputs approx. 3720mV from 7V input.

             BattCal_M3SKY.exe   : Application to measure the difference and apply to the device.

Original Document


A. Preparation

1       Boot loader           : Higher than 1.4.8
OS image               : Higher than B1STx414xx.DIO

2       Dummy Battery Pack
Supply reference voltage to the device

3       BattCal_M3SKY.exe [Download]

3.1       Measure voltage differences between the measured voltage and the reference voltage.

3.2       Store the offset values to the device as shown in the below image.


B. Battery Calibration Steps

4       Setting up


5       Device booting and current stabilization

5.1       The output current from the DC power supply constantly varies while booting.

5.2       After booting, the current is approximately 100mA (±10mA).

5.3       Turn off all wireless modules (GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc).

6       LCD Backlight Setting

6.1       [Start] à [Settings]

6.2       [System] à [Backlight]

6.3       Uncheck ‘Turn off backlight of device is not used for’ box

7       Run BattCal_M3SKY.exe application program


Input the voltage displayed on the multi-meter in milli-volts.

Ex) 3.722V à 3722mV

Input ‘Reference Voltage (mV)’


Set battery measuring (every 5sec) count to 5~10 (recommend) to suite the condition.

Ex) Takes 25 sec if set to 5.

Input ‘Battery Calibrating Count’


In theory, the offset value should equal to 0. However, mass produced devices showed around -30. Hence, battery calibration must be performed on all devices. Calibration is also required when replacing CPU and board.

Offset values are not deleted with CLEAN BOOT unlike the device serial no.

Start battery calibration.

-      START Cal. button is disabled.

-      STOP Cal. button is enabled.

‘START Cal.’


Offset value which will

be used for calibration.

Differences to the ref. voltage.

Actual battery voltage (mV)

Finishing measurement


Step 1. Click SAVE

Step 2. Connect the AC power cable.

Step 3. Click Yes

Step 4. Reset (reboot) automatically.


7.6       Conclusion

7.6.1 Offset value is applied when the boot image is displayed on the LCD.

7.6.2 When BattCal_M3SKY.exe is launched again after reboot, current offset value is updated.