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NO 2 DATE June. 29. 2010 HIT 3027
TITLE Volume No. 2

M3 Mobile Newsletter

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 

Issue No. 002-EN



1)   Robust and Rugged M3 SKY+ FAQ




-       When M3 SKY+ is released, will the existing M3 SKY be discontinued?

No. The target customer of M3 SKY+ is who needs highly advanced technology PDA and M3 SKY is for current customers. So, we will keep manufacturing and supplying M3 SKY continuously.


-       Is the price of M3 SKY+ same to M3 SKY?

Now M3 SKY+’s price is under final consideration internally. You can get price information through your M3 sales representative in the middle of July.


-       Compare to the existing M3 SKY, what is the strongest point of M3 SKY+?

We have received field customer’s feedback and tried to reflect their valuable idea to M3 SKY+. We adopted high speed 806MHz CPU, latest Windows Mobile 6.5, WLAN 802.11 a, 3.0 mega pixel camera, built in back up battery and extended battery capacity 3,300mAh.


-       Is it possible to get a demo sample units?

Yes, we are planning to provide demo sample units for promotion purpose. It will be available from 31st July and we will lend the demo sample units for free of charge for a limited period and quantity.


-       When is available to place an official order?

You can start placing official order of M3 SKY+ at the end of August and the standard lead time is about 2~3 weeks. With orders over 100 units, please check with your sales representative.


-       Is it compatible with all existing M3 SKY accessories (e.g. Charging Holster, 4 Slot Cradle, Snap on etc.)?

Most of M3 SKY accessories are compatible with M3 SKY+. However, for 1 slot desk top cradle and 4 slot cradle, you need to use M3 SKY+ dedicated cradle due to battery size difference.


-       Does M3 SKY+ feature QWERTY key pad?

M3 SKY+ features only alphanumeric keypad up to now but QWERTY keypad is also under development. The detailed schedule will be informed later.


-       Is M3 SKY+ compatible with Windows Mobile 6.1?

The standard OS of M3 SKY+ is Windows Mobile 6.5. However, considering current M3 SKY customer, Windows Mobile 6.1 is also available on M3 SKY+.


2)   M3 Technical Support FAQ

   M3 Mobile AppCenter Manual – M3 SKY, MM3  [AppCenter_Wm.exe]





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   M3 SKY MC-7100 Summit Booting for the First Time




MC-7100 Summit

Issue type


New M3 SKY MC-7100 model with Summit WLAN module has a back-up battery rather than a RTC coin battery.

When booting the device for the first time, must reset the CPU by power-cycle before power it on. Without CPU reset, the device may not turn on due to low back-up battery which is discharged during shipping.  It is designed to act like that; not a faulty device.

To reset the CPU, please follow the steps below:

1.     Attach fully charged main battery or connect the AC power cable to the device.

2.     To power off the device, press and hold the power button until you see the red LED blinks at the top (approx. 10sec.).

3.     Then turn on the device by pressing the power button again.

   M3 RFID Emul ver. - Allows the user to read RFID tags in any programs installed the device.




MC-7510, MC-7710

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