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NO 49 DATE February 2015 HIT 1682
TITLE Volume No. 49





February 2015. Volume No. 49






Brand Renewal, Reorganised Website for celebrating the 15th Anniversary of M3 Mobiles Foundation!



M3 Mobile is going to unveil new features in conjunction with brand renewal to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its foundation. The M3 Mobile brand renewal is reflected in changes and innovation of integrated marketing that takes into account customer needs in the drastically changing industrial mobile markets.

First of all, M3 Mobile have selected navy blue as a brand colour because of its stable and stylish feelings, and accordingly, changed designs for highly improved brand awareness. Moreover, its website is being reformed into a more intuitive structure as part of integrated marketing; so that visitors can easily enjoy the website and get key information on products and references.


The changes on this website renewal are as follows, first, the Industries page provides features such as

links on products recommended by each industry and the download of relevant references for users to enquire on product information more conveniently and easily. Another is the Support & Services page designed for detailed explanation and better understanding of technical support issues and A/S systems. And the other is that the Media Center provides additional functions on searching for brochures, manuals, images, and more before they are downloaded.

A classy, new M3 Mobile aims to focus on releasing products armed with user-centered designs considering working environments together with customer-friendly marketing. Its reorganised website is scheduled to be launched in early February.








Full Touch Android SM10, going head-to-head with Smartphones in Industrial Settings!

In response to the smartphone’s aggressive presence in industrial markets, the full-touch Android SM10 used as an industrial smartphone will be rolled out to achieve a strong market share.  We hope to take advantage of the traditional unstable smartphone factors.

Unlike the existing industrial mobile computers, M3 SM10 is a 5-inch, full touch screen corresponding to present market trends. The LCD screen which has Gorilla Glass 3 applied and a protective casing improve durability, the biggest problem of the smartphone. The SM10 has a high capacity battery for long shifts along with a limited amount of physical keys at the bottom for ease of scrolling and moving on the unit.

The SM10 is expected to be received well in the industrial market place. 

Early samples will be available in March along with early bird promotions and a newsletter release. Full units will be released in April 2015.



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