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NO 46 DATE 2014.02.28 HIT 2035
TITLE Volume No. 46







    February, 2014. Volume No. 46






M3 Mobile wins contract to supply M3 RFID UHF GUN for the Ministry of National Defense-Korea




After releasing the M3 UHF RFID Gun in Korea during January, M3 Mobile instantly won a project for the Ministry of National Defense Korea.  We have now delivered 200 units.  The M3 RFID GUN with M3 OX10+ is to be used for the automation of military Supplies in 26 Air Force bases all over the country.

The Ministry of National Defense liked the detachable Design of M3 RFID GUN, far reading distance in the field, together with the RFID/IMAGER toggle switch. They thought this would maximize user convenience and work efficiency. They also liked the replaceable battery for the RFID gun; as leading points for selecting this unit.

Meanwhile, M3 RFID GUN will be officially launched in markets abroad at the end of February, start of March.  An official promotion is planned to be held.


2014 M3 Mobile successfully holds Europe Technology Days.


During 2014 in Europe M3 has maintenance and high-quality service implementation high on its list. M3 Mobile successfully finished maintenance and technical training to selected professional service partners during the last two weeks of February.  This high level of training is to be expanding outside Europe, as M3 Mobile look to grow professionally globally. The Training included disassembly and assembly of major modules, trouble shooting and technical support.  M3 issued certifications to the quality partners who passed this training.

The M3 training supervisor John Chung said that he expects M3 maintenance to be greatly improved across Europe following this training program.  This should lead to faster and more accurate service ability.



[Notice] standardized product box by M3 MOBILE


M3 Mobile product box will be changing to give a greater use of space to partners holding our products. Instead of using the exiting blister product box, M3 will use a new box to reduce size.


As a result of the change, we expect that it would help to gain efficiency in the practical use of warehouse space for partners. The change of product box will apply to all products except M3POS and MM3. This is scheduled to be implemented at the end of February, start of March.




M3 Building 735-45 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-Gu,

Seoul, Korea 135-923

Tel. +82 2 574 0037  Fax . +82 2 558 1253






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