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NO 43 DATE 2013.09.11 HIT 2046
TITLE Volume No. 43
September 11, 2013. Volume No. 43
M3 NEWS M3 Product Troubleshooting FAQ Case Study Release Info.


M3 Standard Option Minimization

M3 has decided to minimize the number of standard options. Previously, combination of modules induced many options. As the number of options increase, not only the complexity of ordering process increase but also may cause delay in manufacturing.

By setting up the standard options, ordering process will be simplified and consequently result in better service to our clients.

This standard option will be effective from October as trial until the end of year. Standard options can be adjusted and will be fixed from 2014.

Standard options including RFID are listed below. From October this year, orders including RFID will be accepted from these standardized 22 options.

Order code Product Option Remark
P059347363-34002R0 MC-7100S NWSCBPR 1D scanner
P066347363-34002R0 MC-7500S NWSCBPR 1D scanner
P066307363-34002R0 MC-7500S NWCBPR  
P060347303-34002R0 MC-7500S WSCBR 1D scanner
P076374363-34002R0 MC-7700S  NWSCBPR 2D imager
P070374303-34002R0 MC-7700S WSCBR 2D imager
P036342204-14002R0 MC-6500S  NWSCBR 1D scanner
P089947353-48022R0 M3 OX10  NWSCBPR 1D scanner
P089907353-48022R0 M3 OX10  NWCBPR  
P080947303-48022R0 M3 OX10  WSCBR 1D scanner
P089977353-48022R0 M3 OX10  NWSCBPR 2D imager
P080977303-48022R0 M3 OX10 WSCBR 2D imager
P090C43309-44062R0 M3 POS WSCBR 1D scanner
P170E47303-5C522R0 M3 OX10+(WM) WSCBR 1D scanner
P17EE47363-5C522R0 M3 OX10+(WM) NWSCBPR 1D scanner
P17EE07363-5C522R0 M3 OX10+(WM)  NWCBPR  
P170E77303-5C522R0 M3 OX10+(WM) WSCBR 2D imager
P17EE77363-5C522R0 M3 OX10+(WM) NWSCBPR 2D imager
P180E47303-5C022R0 M3 OX10 S(WM)  WSCBR 1D scanner
P186E47363-5C022R0 M3 OX10 S(WM)  NWSCBPR 1D scanner
P180E77303-5C022R0 M3 OX10 S(WM)  WSCBR 2D imager
P186E77363-5C022R0 M3 OX10 S(WM) NWSCBPR 2D imager

For more details regarding the standard options, please contact your account manager.


PN label with barcode

To increase efficiency of PDA management and to improve warranty and repair services, M3 will insert barcode in PN label as shown in below image.

With barcode system, it will be faster to identify the PDA information such as included modules and manufactured date. Hence, overall quality of warranty and repair services will improve. The label will be attached in the same place as current PDAs.


If the PN label is damaged so the PN is not identifiable, warranty and repair service will be restricted. Please make sure that the label is not damaged.


Accessory Label adds on Gift Box

M3 has added a bundle accessory label in addition to product label for easier and accurate contents identification. Accessory label contains the following information:

  • PRODUCT: (example: M3 OX10+)
  • ACCORD: (example: US)
  • BATTERY: (example: STD 1EA)
  • STYLUS PEN: (example: 3EA)

Therefore, the exact contents inside the box can be identified without opening the box. This label system will improve stock management in warehouse as well as shipping process.


Deploying Symbol 1D scanner as default

It is well knows that Symbol scanner is very good in performance.

To supply better product to our clients, M3 have decided to deploy Symbol scanner as a default 1D scanner engine. Our internal test showed that Symbol scanner has better performance in

  • Barcode density
  • Reading distance
  • Damaged barcodes

And in many other advantages compared to formerly deployed scanner. We are sure that this change will improve your satisfaction.

If work application is built using SDK before release of UNI SDK, application compatibility with symbol scanner should be checked. Please enquire through account manager or ITC webpage.


Accessory Manual Update

All accessory manuals will be renewed. M3 had been providing separate manuals for each model. For example, M3 standard cradle and four slot cradle has separate manuals even though the contents are pretty much the same.

To simplify accessory manuals, we are planning to release one manual for each category: Cradles, Snap-ons, Pistol-Grips, Holsters and UHF Gun reader. Accessory manuals will include specifications and basic user guides. New accessory manuals are expected to release end of October.


Release Info.

Released OS

OS Version Boot Version Device Language
B1ST0Q652EN Mboot V 6.7.8 MM3 EN
B1STHQ652EN Mboot V 6.7.8 MM3 EN


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