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NO 23 DATE July. 25. 2011. HIT 3325
TITLE Volume No. 23

July. 25. 2011. Volume No.23


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M3 Product***

Launched M3 SKY+

As we mentioned earlier at 21st Newsletter, M3 SKY+ has finally been launched. To learn more about this new product, please refer to these following help materials prepared for anyone who are interested in M3 new product.

<M3 SKY+>

<M3 SKY+ Quick Manual>


M3 SKY+’s Quick Manual can be downloaded from M3 technical support webpage.

As M3 Mobile has added M3 SKY+ to M3 product line, the range of choice expanded more and more for M3 SKY series. M3 SKY+ is similar to M3 SKY, almost same specifications except Operating System and color of its case, so that we expect for M3 SKY users to feel familiar with this product to use. Also, to new customers, we are glad to have a chance to introduce our new product and hope to meet soon.

Please contact your account manager if you are interested in M3 SKY+.



New M3 SMART Windows Mobile 6.5 version

M3 SMART has been loved because of its super light-weight and high specifications. To meet users’ needs, we have launched new version of M3 SMART. Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system is very finger-friendly and intuitive to use, and gives a fast response.

To get more information about new M3 SMART, please refer to below brochures we provide.

<M3 SMART – Windows Mobile 6.5>

<M3 SMART – Windows CE 6.0>

Meanwhile, you can still meet original version of M3 SMART.

  If you are interested in M3 SMART products, please contact your account manager.






How to obtain a RIL Log

This document guides the user to obtain a RIL log for WWAN (GSM, HSDPA) modules.

There are two ways in obtaining a RIL log file.

-       Changing a registry value

-       Using rilgsm.dll

1. Changing Registry Value

If your device does not have the registry key, DisableDebugFile, use the second method to obtain the RIL log.

1.     Change the following registry value to ‘0’
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\RIL] DisableDebugFile: 0

User can either use a registry editor or StartUp.inf to edit the value of registry.
For using StartUp.inf to modify the registry value, please refer to M3 FAQ.

An example of a registry editor is shown above.

2.     After changing the registry value, soft reset the device.

3.     When PDA boots up, RilDrv.txt file will appear in root directory.

When M3 ask for RIL log, please turn on the PDA and reproduce the issue. Then, send the copy of RilDrv.txt or RilDbg.log to M3 Mobile Technical Support.


Left: RilDrv.txt file is created in the root directory when registry changing method is used

Right: RilDbg.log file is created in the root directory when rilgsm.dll is used.


2. Using RILGSM.DLL to Obtain RIL Log File

This method requires copying rilgsm.dll to Windows folder. To copy the dll file to Windows folder, the operating system must be unlocked. (LtkUnlock.exe, rapienable.exe) and rilgsm.dll files will be provided.

Follow below steps.


1.     Unzip the file. Make sure you have 2 files (LtkUnlock.exe, rapienable.exe) in
Copy those two files to Flash Disk folder then run LtkUnlock.exe first.

Then, run rapienable.exe. Note that nothing will appear on the screen.

2.     Copy rilgsm.dll to Windows folder
Use ActiveSync to copy the rilgsm.dll file to \My Device\Windows. After copying is complete, soft reset the device.

3.     When PDA boots up, RilDbg.log file will appear in root directory.


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