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NO 16 DATE December 27. 2010 HIT 4205
TITLE Volume No. 16


M3 News***


M3 Mobile awarded ‘34th Honored Korean Trader of the month’

사장님 시상식.jpg

Sung-Jae Cho, M3 MOBILE CEO, was awarded as ‘34th Honored Korean Trader of the month’. The award was co-organized by KITA (Korea International Trade Association), MKE (Ministry of Knowledge Economy) and KED (Korea Economy Daily) at Trade Tower, Samsung-dong, at 2nd December, 2010. The purpose of this award is to encourage Korean traders for exportation and morale.

As the first industrial rugged PDA development and manufacturing company, M3 Mobile received credits for gradually replacing entirely import dependant market to use Korean product and encouraging export of home country made products. Moreover, M3 awarded with awarded Tower of Export in two consecutive years (2006 and 2007), and chosen as the ‘Patent-Star Company’ as well as Advanced Technology Center in 2010.

However, we do not want to stay where we are but to grow by putting all our effort to provide diversity of product line, development of the core technology and strengthen the relationship with partners.



Contract signed between M3 MOBILE and Wavelink





It is very pleased to announce that M3 MOBILE and Wavelink* are now in partnership. Starting with MM3, integrated long-range scanner, we are going to step forward to the WMS (Warehouse Management System). Last November 11th, 2010, M3 MOBILE signed a contract about the Avalanche, Terminal Emulation and Industrial Browser** services provided by Wavelink. Now, we are looking forward to the very first announcement of Terminal Emulator after one-month of development period. Along with this development, M3 MOBILE has been adjusting Keypad of MM3 to fit at the host system using the 5250 emulation. We are expecting to release by the end of the year. Terminal Emulation for 3270 and VT will be provided as well in near future..


We expect to reduce the time and cost for establishing the data communication environment between the device and the server. Furthermore, increased convenience in usage of the device and strengthen network security will be great benefits. Starting with MM3, services will be applied at M3 SKY series (MC-7100S/7500S/7700S) and M3 T.

* Wavelink

provider of multi-vendor mobile device management, wireless infrastructure management, terminal emulation, voice, and mobile application development software

**Avalanche: eases the configuration, deployment and management of wireless networks

Terminal Emulation: connects mobile devices to applications resident on host systems

Industrial Browser: enables mobile workers to use web-based applications

MM3 5250 keypad





M3 Product***

SDK Release for M3 GREEN, M3 T



As previously announced, new SDK packages for M3 GREEN and M3 T have been released. Each SDKs were released on 6th and 17th December, 2010 respectively and we recommend to make the most out of it in developing applications

With these new SDK releases, the SDK for M3 SKY is ongoing, thus it is going to be released at the beginning of January. Furthermore, M3 MOBILE will fully focus on maintaining the latest version by managing the SDKs periodically.







How to import/export WLAN profile in SCU?

Importing and exporting of WLAN profiles saved in Summit Client Utility (SCU) is possible by editing the following registries.



To save the profiles and settings, the user must log in as administrator. Hence, Admin Login button must be disabled. This is done by setting the registry value of adminOverride to 1.
Note that in M3 SKY and MM3, adminOverride is already set to 1 as a default. Then, setting adminFiles to 1 will show an additional button on the SCU main window as shown in below diagram. Note that the Admin Login button is removed.





 <Import/Export> button


▪ Export to :

specify the path where the data are savedsaved as SDC file format

▪ Import from :

  locate the SDC file that you

  want to import from


To make the profile is persistent after hard reset or clean boot, the SDC files should be saved in Flash Disk


How to change the Regulatory Domain in Summit WLAN?


This program enables the user to change the Regulatory Domain that is used in Summit Client Utility(SCU).

First, download the below linked program then, run it to change the domain. The left screen will appear. Select appropriate domain then click ‘OK’ to confirm the change of domain.



*Link : Download

Select the domain


Click ‘OK’


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