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NO 3 DATE July. 07. 2010 HIT 7722
TITLE Volume No. 3

M3 Mobile Newsletter

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 

Issue No. 003-EN



l  M3 Event


We had an M3 Han-Ma-Eum (one mind) field day on June 8, 2010 to celebrate the company`s 10th anniversary and solidify the friendship and unity of the employees. A total of 200 employees, divided into four groups, Green, Sky, White and Orange team, are competing and Sky team consisted of Strategic Planning Division and Northeast Asia Sales Division won. M3’s rapid progress in the past ten years owes its origin to a lot of the growing enthusiasm that all M3 employees hold on that day.



l  M3 Products Updated List

*When you order the following items, please let us know the item name in a specific manner until we release ‘M3 Order Code’ in August 2010.

Model Name

Change or Modification of M3 Products


M3 Sky

1) Developed SDK with Visual Basic.

2) Obtained certification of SGS Military Standard MIL-STD-810F.


3) Added 2D Imager Scanner Module.

Please specify your option between the two types below.


   Green LED Aimer Type              Laser Aimer Type.


4) Applied IQ Imager Solution.

(Possible to capture the barcode and picture simultaneously)



Pocket PC Screen Capture          Saved Image Capture





5) Developed new Desk Top Cradle with Ethernet and RS232 Port


Ethernet Port              


M3 OX10

(M3 Sky+)

M3 OX10 with a built-in 1D scanner is providing Visual Basic SDK



Developed a Cigar Jack Charging Cable that is becoming a Vehicle Cradle alternative





l  Troubleshooting


Technical Issue


M3 Sky (MC-7500S):

Select F18 instead of F16

Key value can be set up in the Control Panel pressing four Side Keys on MC-7500S.


F13 / F14 / F16 / F17 had selected in the menu of Control Panel before, but we changed the Control Panel’s program to select F18 instead of F16.


F16 is allocated for receiving Key Down message in the Application Program.


*SDK manual renewal is distributing in the final quarter of this year, and M3 plans to release a new combined manual over the longer term.


M3 Sky (MC-7100S):

Mini SD Card Update capacity

In case of OS update, Mini SD Card’s capacity is limited to 2GB.


Windows Mobile OS


Utilize MS’s Platform SDK

You can download M3’s Windows CE SDK Demo Source in the M3 Technical Support website ( and, regarding Windows Mobile Demo Source, please utilize Platform SDK that Microsoft provides. M3 will make Windows Mobile SDK with C++ and C# in the final quarter of this year.


RFID Tag List

Following is M3’s RFID Tag list and *mark is newly updated recently.


*Updated List



ISO 14443 A

mifare® Stamdard


mifare® 4k


mifare® Ultralight


mifare® ProX


mifare® Mini






*mifare® DESFire


ISO 14443 B





ISO 15693

EM 4135
















Tag-it HF-I Standard


*Tag-it HF-I Pro








l  FAQ

All M3’s FAQ list is uploaded in the M3 Technical Support website:


M3 SKY GPRS Setting Guide

This document illustrates how to configure GPRS settings.

To use GPRS, correct APN (Access point name), username and password information which is provided by the SP (service provider), must be entered.

There are two ways of configuring GPRS connection:

1.    Using WM Connections setting wizard or

2.    Using StartUp.inf included in StartUp folder of M3 flash disk files and .ini file provided by the SP.

1.    GPRS Configuration using WM Wizard

To configure GPRS connection, follow the steps described below.


  i.      Click [Start] è [Settings]

   ii.   Click [Connections] icon from [Connections] window

iii.      Click ‘Add a new modem connection’

  iv.   Assign a unique name for the connection and select ‘Cellular Line (GPRS)’ from the drop down menu. Then, click ‘Next’.

 v.      Enter ‘Access point name’ that is provided by the SP. Then, click ‘Next’.

  vi.   Enter Username and password that are also provided by the SP. Then, click ‘Finish’.

vii.      After the GPRS profile is created, you can connect to the profile in ‘Manage existing connections’ from (iii).

viii.   Select one profile. Then, press and hold the stylus pen on the profile. From the pop-up menu, click ‘connect’ to connect to GPRS.


2.    GPRS Configuration using StartUp.inf and .ini file provided by the SP

To configure GPRS by this method, you need to have a copy of .ini file which contains the service provider’s details such as:














If you have that .ini file, copy the file to \Flash Disk \Driver.  Then, add the following code in the StartUp.inf which is included in the StartUp folder of M3 flash disk files.

//GPRS Connection

CopyFile=/S "\Flash Disk\Driver\SP.ini" "\Windows\Provider\SP.ini"

sleep = 500

RunExe =/S "\Windows\WWAN_Manager.exe" "****,SP_Name"

RegSetValue=/s dword [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\RIL]SetGPRSAuthentication:2

RunExe =/s "\Windows\WWAN_Manager.exe" "1,Country,SP_Name"


   Note: In the code, SP.ini, SP_Name and Country are arbitrary examples. You should change it appropriately.

Finally, open M3.ini file which is also in StartUp folder of the flash disk files. Then, set install value to 1 of [SET_GPRS].



Save the changes in StartUp.inf and M3.ini file then copy to the device followed by reset.



Battery Managements and Maintenance Guide

How to maximize battery life.

You can maximize the battery life with a little bit of care. The M3 RED, GREEN and SKY use 2200mA Li-ion Battery. Since the batteries are chemical devices, it is important to keep the electrons in it flowing occasionally. If the battery is stored in fully discharged state for a long period, it could fall into a deep discharge state. On the other hand, if the battery is stored in fully charged state for a long period, the total battery capacity may be reduced. Please read the following tips to maximize the battery life.

1.    PDA Settings

l  Turn off functions when not in use – Functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc will drain more power from the battery. If you rarely use such functions, please turn off to save power. To turn off each function, please assist the main manual.

l  Reduce brightness of the backlight – Brighter backlight will consume more power. Setting the backlight as low as possible is another way to save power. To adjust the backlight, please assist the main manual.

l  Enter suspend mode – Entering suspend mode when you are not using PDA can increase the battery life. To enter suspend mode or to set auto-suspend mode, please assist the main manual.

2.    Charging Tips

The battery pack should be fully charged before you use the PDA for the first time. Within the acceptable temperature range, it will take approximately 4 hours to fully charge using the supplied cradle.

Adapter Outputs for M3 RED, GREEN and SKY

Charging Accessory

Adapter Output


DC 5.2V / 3A

Portable Adapter

DC 5.2V / 2A


Acceptable Charging Temperature Range

Charging Temperature Range

-20oC ( -4oF) ~ 60oC ( 140oF)

l  Use correct battery and charger for your device – Use of incorrect battery or charger may degrade battery performance and reduce the battery lifespan.

l  Assign one charging cradle to each device – Sharing a charging cradle among users is a common practice. However, sharing the cradle may cause users to pick up a battery that may have not been fully charged. We recommend assigning a cradle to each device to make sure the battery is fully charged. Green LED indicates the battery is fully charged.

l  Charge the battery when prompted – You will get an audible alert with a pop-up message when the battery is low. Failure to charge the battery may consume all RTC power and system time will be set to default. When the main battery is detached, the RTC battery will keep the system time and date for as long as 5 minutes.

l  Use 2 batteries supplied alternatively – You can increase the battery lifespan by using 2 batteries alternatively. If you are carrying a spare battery, we recommend charging the spare battery up to 80% of its full capacity. More batteries may be used for more reliability.

l  Clean the battery contact surfaces in regular base – Dirty contact points are a main source of charging problems. Regular cleaning is required for optimal performance. When cleaning it, please use a soft cloth. Cleaning with liquid material is not recommended. (Pure alcohol may be used.)

3.    Charge Cycles

Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced. A properly maintained battery can retain up to:

n   90% of its original capacity at 100 full charge and discharge cycle.

n   85% of its original capacity at 300 full charge and discharge cycle.

n   80% of its original capacity at 500 full charge and discharge cycle.

You may choose to replace you battery when it no longer holds sufficient charge to meet your needs.

We recommend replacing the battery if:

n   The battery is more than 2 years old. The first 2 digits of the 4-digit serial number on the battery represent the year of manufacture and the other 2 digits represent the date of manufacture.

n   The battery is used for 17 months in an environment where the battery is charged once a day.

n   The battery is used for 10 months in an environment where the battery is charged more than once a day.

4.    Troubleshooting

A week battery can cause an error message to appear on your device. Before sending your product out for repair, please ensure the battery is working properly. Following are some common errors that may appear on your device:

Common Error Message

Error Message


Device is dead

(Display is blank or the unit will not power on)

Try to cold boot the terminal first. If this does not work, replace the battery with a known good battery.


Battery low message is popped up or the device goes off while booting

The main battery is low. Please replace the battery with fully charged one. If this leaves the device without charging or replacing battery, the data can be lost.





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