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NO 29 DATE 4/10/2019 HIT 22897
TITLE 2019 Asia Warehousing Show
PLACE Bangkok, Thailand
PERIOD Mar. 27 ~ March. 29, 2019

▷ Title :  Asia Warehousing Show 2019

▷ Period : Mar. 27 ~ Mar. 29, 2019

▷ Venue : Bangkok, Thailand


M3 Mobile attended Asia Warehousing Show 2019 from 27th Mar. 2019 to 29th Mar. 2019, held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Asia Warehousing Show is a big exhibition in field of warehouse managment which is held in Asia.

M3 Mobile attended with our partners and also finished technical training session, product training session with the partners. 


※ M3 Mobile in Asia Warehousing Show (Video)

- We are demonstrating barcode scanner function of SM15.


- We are demonstrating UL20 with pistol grip.


- M3 engineers conducted technical training for partners. It was time to disassemble, assemble and share experiences directly with each other.


- M3 product training.


- Our customers interacted with M3 sales team and shared a straightforward conversation about the need for a mobile terminal for their business.



- The SL10 series was ahead of its time of release and we had time to actively promote it.


Thank You.