2019 SITL


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▷ Period : Mar. 26 ~ Mar. 28, 2019

▷ Venue : Paris, France


M3 Mobile attended SITL 2019 from 26th Mar. 2019 to 28th Mar. 2019, held in Paris, France.

SITL is a exhibition covering all products and services for the transport of goods and for the logistics chain.

M3 Mobile attended with one of the partners. We had a opportunity to meet many new partners. Also we introduced SPEED IS POWER as our motto.


※ M3 Mobile in SITL (Video)

- M3 Team and partners had business meetings. Thank you for customers visiting us.


- We received a warm response from customers about various products.


- The SM15 series still received a lot of attention.



- Cheetah, our symbol                                                               

- "Speed Is Power" M3 MOBILE


Thank You.

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