2011 Trade Korea


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M3 Mobile had attended to ‘Korean premium product exhibition on 16th and 17th of November 2011, held on COEX Korea, and has been well received.

More than 100 buyers from all around the world and 1000s of local corporation have attended to this exhibition, most of buyers have been invited by Korean government, and this exhibition was held to demonstrate the greatness of Korean made products.

During this exhibition, M3 mobile had chance to publicity our products to big buyers from all over the world.

We have distinguished good relationship with big buyers from overseas, and buyers had chance to hear about M3’s product, which has been an great opportunity for M3 to step forward to the world market once again.

Also praises from big buyers for M3’s product while this exhibition, it has been a great opportunity for M3 Mobile to reconsider it’s competitiveness against the world market, which has given us bright future to enter into the world market.

This event has been progressed as a manner of skull session, we had to visit every single booth that has only been provided to big buyers from overseas, to promote M3’s products, the counseling time was limited, but most buyers, spare their time to hear more about M3’s products.


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